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The Pitch and a miss

Share So, it turns out, making the sausage isn’t that interesting to regular folks. Maybe not literally, but statistically speaking, no one is watching The Pitch. AMC’s “reality” show about ad agencies battling it out for business was obviously supposed … Continue reading

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Is GetGlue the social network TV fans have been waiting for?

Share As many of my coworkers can assume from my colorful desk, I am obsessed with television shows and movies.  I have memorabilia from current shows such as True Blood and Project Runway as well as from classics such as … Continue reading

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Share This was going to be a post about how much I hate the little hashtags that appear on my television screen during some of my favorite shows. “More stuff on my screen to distract me from enjoying my show?”  … Continue reading

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Interacting with TV commercials à la Shazam

Share No doubt, the way Americans watch TV has changed.  Just watching TV isn’t enough anymore. People are now splitting time between multiple screens. I recently read an article that said 40 percent of tablet and smartphone owners use their … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl – The Last Bastion of Mass Media

Share Why do companies keep forking out millions for a 30-second spot on the Super Bowl?  Because in an increasingly fractured media world, there really isn’t anything else like this 3-hour, live sporting event. According to NBC, all the ad … Continue reading

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PanAm – has 60+ years of positive brand equity been forever tarnished?

Share When I saw that one of the lead shows in ABC’s primetime lineup this fall was named PanAm, I got excited. As a consumer I relished a primetime, network viewing option that wasn’t a crime drama or reality show. … Continue reading

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The Video “Monster”

Share Video games have always had their share of monsters, from Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde in Pac-Man to Pyramid Head in Silent Hill. However, these days the real “monster” in terms of media consumption is video itself. Nielsen reported … Continue reading

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Brand Gumption. Does Your Brand Have a Strong Point of View?

Share Abercrombie & Fitch released a statement bribing Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino and the cast of The Jersey Shore to stop wearing their brand of clothing. Here’s what they released to the press: “We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s … Continue reading

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Nine reasons the media revolution is really an evolution.

Share Studios are reporting the biggest Memorial Day weekend ever.  Why is this important? The advertising industry is consumed these days with articles about the “changing” media landscape, detailing why it will never be the same. While it’s important that … Continue reading

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Hey, you got your commercial in my TV show!

Share Is it just me, or has product placement become so ridiculous that it’s almost comical? Used to be that purchased media within a movie or TV show was more of a prop or a subtle part of the scenery. … Continue reading

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