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Think Your Company’s Reputation Is Rock Solid? So Did Berkshire Hathaway.

Share Results of this year’s Harris Poll Reputation Quotient® (RQ) study recently were released, and several companies, including Berkshire Hathaway and Bank of America, are longing for the days of yesteryear.  These companies, once regarded as firms with stellar reputations, … Continue reading

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Study Predicts Effects of Hyperconnected Lives

Share I’m a visual learner. I like to know how things work so that, as is often the case, I have an outside chance of fixing them if they become unresponsive (read: broken). To me, research is a form of … Continue reading

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Embrace the Power of Customer Analytics

Share Analytics technology has been changing rapidly and is now the No. 1 technology priority for both CIOs and CFOs, according to Gartner.  The reason is clear.  Nucleus Research recently released a report revealing that organizations get $10.66 of value … Continue reading

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Planned Obsolescence

Share Last month, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) announced it was laying off 1,400 workers. The company has a new CEO, and it is not unusual when a new CEO comes into a troubled company that changes are made. Well, … Continue reading

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Google+ Pages are now in business

Share When Google+ was introduced in late June, there was a lot of anticipation around the inclusion of brand pages. Well, last week Google officially launched Google+ Pages for brands and businesses. While Google+ Pages offer many of the same … Continue reading

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Insurance marketers have something going on besides deep pockets.

Share Yes, it’s true – they spend a LOT. In the property and casualty insurance category alone, the 2010 advertising spend topped $5 billion, with more than half of that spent by the top four brands (Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, and … Continue reading

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Participating on the GSA Jobs Panel

Share I was invited to participate in a discussion led by the head of the regional General Services Administration (GSA), part of the Obama administration, to talk about how small businesses like mine are faring in this economy. In addition, … Continue reading

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Tablets Spawn T-Commerce

Share We all know the story from the Old Testament. Moses comes down from Mount Sinai holding two tablets containing the Ten Commandments. If Moses had today’s tablets available, the world as we know it would probably be in better … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Lessons from My Lunch with Tommy Bowden

Share A few weeks ago, I had lunch with former Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden (please don’t hate me). To be honest, I was one of one hundred guests who were attending a luncheon hosted by a cable sports network … Continue reading

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Attention Marketers: Your lead gen practices are making me look like a bitch

Share I admit it.  I am an information junkie.  If you send me a link to a white paper, I’ll probably download and print it.  (Apologies to the environmentalists, but I prefer reading from my deck vs. my desk.)  Add … Continue reading

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