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When Facebook Goes Public. The demise of all other media.

Share Wall Street rumors say that Facebook may go public next spring. Hedge funds are currently stalking every Facebook employee and stockholder trying to grab pre-public offered shares for their portfolio. The valuation they are putting on Facebook shares translates … Continue reading

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If a Facebook contest is in your future… know the rules

Share Contests have become increasingly popular in social media outlets, with Facebook being the channel of choice.  Companies see contests as a way to expand their customer base, and individuals are always motivated by the possibility of getting something for … Continue reading

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Community Relationship-Building through Social Media

Share Let’s face it. Social media is NOT going away. And if you’re a fan of the videos “Shift Happens,”you understand how tools of communication continue to evolve and the number of people that are reached multiplies. But never before … Continue reading

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New and Improved: 15 Reasons Why Marketing Is Like a Road Trip

Share As the summer kicks into full gear and people everywhere are planning family road trips, I was inspired to update my previous blog, adding 5 more parallels between the wonderful world of marketing and the classic American road trip. … Continue reading

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Anything But Business As Usual

Share While apprehension and uncertainly continue to rule the day, and bumps in the road continue to occur, ad spending is beginning to bounce back.  Many agencies and media companies have reported strong earnings and growth rates during the first … Continue reading

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Tips to be the “Best” in B2B Social Media

Share We often hear about B2C companies such as Zappos and Old Spice that excel at social media, but what about B2B companies?  Is social media a sound marketing channel for these organizations?  The answer is a resounding yes!  In … Continue reading

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The Growing Influence of Consumer Generated Media

Share Consumer Generated Media (CGM) is shaping up to be the next evolution in word-of-mouth advertising.  The concept is humorously exhibited in “The Joneses,” a 2010 indie film starring Demi Moore and David Duchovny.  The film depicts a family of … Continue reading

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No budget for social media monitoring? No problem.

Share These days, most companies don’t have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars a month on tools to monitor and report on Consumer Generated Media (CGM) about their brand.   But that’s what it costs for the leading, comprehensive social … Continue reading

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How to get more than you pay for

Share One of the adages of the advertising business has been that inevitably, “You get what you pay for.” When presented with opportunities that seem too good to be true, they almost always are. However, today marketers are faced with … Continue reading

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Crisis Communications Steps for the Social Media Era

Share It used to be that crisis communications managers had the power to “beat” the media cycle.  They had a window of time, albeit small, to gather the crisis team in a war room and assess the situation in order … Continue reading

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