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Google+ is here. What will marketers do about it?

Share Last week the Twittersphere was all abuzz about Google+. A simple search shows the network already has 9 million users. Probably even more by the time you read this.  My first impression is that it is no Google Wave, … Continue reading

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Is Web video advertising the more mature cousin of viral video?

Share Growth has been tough in our industry for the last several years. But there’s one area where growth has been consistent and significant – Web video advertising. Yes, Web video is now way past its goofy YouTube “viral video” … Continue reading

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Is social media changing your world?

Share We’re in the midst of some rather transformative times. Especially if you happen to live in the Middle East.  Some are crediting Facebook and Twitter as key catalysts that helped to overthrow a 40-year dictatorship in Egypt. This phenomenon … Continue reading

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Compelling is a matter of respect. Advertisers should show some of it.

Share Ever gone out to dinner with someone who constantly cuts you off to talk about themselves? Ever work next to someone who bores you with what they did over the weekend while you’re trying to work? Or maybe you … Continue reading

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