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What does a store’s Black Friday hours say about its brand?

Share A time-honored holiday will soon be upon us, where many families gather together to spend time with each other to focus on what’s really important to them.  No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving; not in our consumer-driven society.  Black … Continue reading

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Google+ Pages are now in business

Share When Google+ was introduced in late June, there was a lot of anticipation around the inclusion of brand pages. Well, last week Google officially launched Google+ Pages for brands and businesses. While Google+ Pages offer many of the same … Continue reading

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One More Thing From Steve Jobs

Share The most popular topic of appropriated blog content over the last few weeks has unquestionably been Steve Jobs. Hundreds of blogs have been repurposing his lessons for success. At best, these rules are what we like to call “aspirational.” … Continue reading

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Retargeting: Victim or Value?

Share There’s no sense denying it. It’s time to stop running and hiding. They found me. I have been targeted. Actually, the correct phrase is RE-targeted. I am receiving online advertisements based on the places I go and the keywords … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Lessons from My Lunch with Tommy Bowden

Share A few weeks ago, I had lunch with former Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden (please don’t hate me). To be honest, I was one of one hundred guests who were attending a luncheon hosted by a cable sports network … Continue reading

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The Video “Monster”

Share Video games have always had their share of monsters, from Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde in Pac-Man to Pyramid Head in Silent Hill. However, these days the real “monster” in terms of media consumption is video itself. Nielsen reported … Continue reading

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Right time and right place: The effectiveness of QR codes

Share Earlier this year, I wrote an article on how QR codes make great marketing tools. As a reminder, QR codes create a new opportunity to enhance the relationship with a customer/prospect who has already engaged with the brand, building … Continue reading

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Behavioral Targeting; A Service That Consumers Should Embrace

Share A few years ago I researched ski vacations, digging through the first 10 “ski”-related sites that Google directed me to. Later that day as I booked my flight, a roll-out banner appeared in impressive fashion promoting ski-in, ski-out condo … Continue reading

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When Facebook Goes Public. The demise of all other media.

Share Wall Street rumors say that Facebook may go public next spring. Hedge funds are currently stalking every Facebook employee and stockholder trying to grab pre-public offered shares for their portfolio. The valuation they are putting on Facebook shares translates … Continue reading

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Want to improve your e-mail marketing? It’s time to get personal

Share I recently had the chance to attend an e-mail marketing conference where marketers from across the country came together to discuss best practices, new technologies, and ways to better reach their customers.  Although there was a lot of really … Continue reading

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