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The Super Bowl – The Last Bastion of Mass Media

Share Why do companies keep forking out millions for a 30-second spot on the Super Bowl?  Because in an increasingly fractured media world, there really isn’t anything else like this 3-hour, live sporting event. According to NBC, all the ad … Continue reading

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Leadership. Being More Like Tim Tebow…

Share I have been amazed by the amount of controversy that Tim Tebow has stirred up.  Love him or hate him, his achievements are quite impressive – two national championships at Florida, the Heisman Trophy winner in his sophomore year, … Continue reading

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Mobile Marketing Lessons from My Lunch with Tommy Bowden

Share A few weeks ago, I had lunch with former Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden (please don’t hate me). To be honest, I was one of one hundred guests who were attending a luncheon hosted by a cable sports network … Continue reading

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Four Lessons in Brand Loyalty from College Football

Share It’s that time of year. College football season kicks off this week. With it comes millions of fans. Companies dream of faithful followers, pledging allegiance to their product. College football has the most fanatical brand zealots around, supporting their … Continue reading

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Engaging with the Big Game

Share There is no question that I will be engaged in the Super Bowl this weekend.  In fact, it has been on my radar for weeks.  The question is exactly how will I choose to engage? Old School –  Just … Continue reading

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Office Pools – the epitome of compelling, measurable engagement

Share It’s been said that U.S. employers lose an estimated $1.8 billion in productivity during March Madness.  What is it about office pools that not only drives employees to spend so much time planning, watching, and discussing, but also drives … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLIV: Top 10 Commercials

Share The usual suspects made their appearance in yesterday’s Super Bowl, and I’m not talking about Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne.  There were the expected Budweiser and Bud Light Super Bowl spots, as well as a few spots from E*TRADE … Continue reading

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Counterpoint from a Football Fan Who Is Also an Ad Guy…

Share I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Buffalo Bills since the age of five (no jokes, please).  I’ve been playing in multiple fantasy leagues for the past 17 years (I even played fantasy XFL for that one fateful season … Continue reading

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Ad Agency Sleepers

Share Unless you’ve been living in a cave this Millennium, you’ve heard of fantasy football. While you may not play it, appreciate it, or understand all the rules, you know it exists. An FX television show, The League, has even … Continue reading

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