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A case study on customer appreciation and retention

Share With today’s technology and DIY attitude, it’s easy to forget that consumer behavior is still influenced by the customer’s perception that their business is appreciated. From self-service gas station pumps to purchasing airline tickets online, to searching available real … Continue reading

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Google+ Pages are now in business

Share When Google+ was introduced in late June, there was a lot of anticipation around the inclusion of brand pages. Well, last week Google officially launched Google+ Pages for brands and businesses. While Google+ Pages offer many of the same … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Promotional Giveaway Campaigns, Chick-fil-A Does It Right!

Share If you didn’t take advantage of Chick-fil-A’s “Free Breakfast Entrée” promotion then you simply weren’t paying attention. For those of you who don’t roll out of bed until noon, Chick-fil-A promoted their breakfast menu to millions of consumers by … Continue reading

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How to get more than you pay for

Share One of the adages of the advertising business has been that inevitably, “You get what you pay for.” When presented with opportunities that seem too good to be true, they almost always are. However, today marketers are faced with … Continue reading

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Saying One Thing and Doing Another

Share If you’re like me, your parents taught you at a young age that actions speak louder than words.  A pretty important life lesson.  Perhaps the heads of marketing at some major corporations didn’t learn this lesson.  Perhaps they don’t … Continue reading

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Putting the Human Back into Customer Service

Share Long gone are the days of a disgruntled customer sharing his or her bad experience with only a handful of people.  Today, poor customer service can be broadcast to hundreds or even thousands of people.  Take, for example, Catherine … Continue reading

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Looking for inspiration on my bookshelf.

Share I’m not a writer.  I think I’ve made that perfectly clear in my previous blog entries.  I really wish I was though because, generally speaking, I think writers are cool.  There’s definite power in a well-crafted piece, whether its … Continue reading

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