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Interacting with TV commercials à la Shazam

Share No doubt, the way Americans watch TV has changed.  Just watching TV isn’t enough anymore. People are now splitting time between multiple screens. I recently read an article that said 40 percent of tablet and smartphone owners use their … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl – The Last Bastion of Mass Media

Share Why do companies keep forking out millions for a 30-second spot on the Super Bowl?  Because in an increasingly fractured media world, there really isn’t anything else like this 3-hour, live sporting event. According to NBC, all the ad … Continue reading

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One More Thing From Steve Jobs

Share The most popular topic of appropriated blog content over the last few weeks has unquestionably been Steve Jobs. Hundreds of blogs have been repurposing his lessons for success. At best, these rules are what we like to call “aspirational.” … Continue reading

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Hey, you got your commercial in my TV show!

Share Is it just me, or has product placement become so ridiculous that it’s almost comical? Used to be that purchased media within a movie or TV show was more of a prop or a subtle part of the scenery. … Continue reading

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Engaging with the Big Game

Share There is no question that I will be engaged in the Super Bowl this weekend.  In fact, it has been on my radar for weeks.  The question is exactly how will I choose to engage? Old School –  Just … Continue reading

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How engagement can fall short

Share It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; the world is changing. People are receiving up-to-the-minute information as news is happening, rather than wait for the 6 o’clock news. News stations (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News) report updates on their … Continue reading

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Banners suck. Long live advertising.

Share I’m encouraged by some very recent news concerning online advertising. MSNBC (msnbc.msn.com) just rolled out a redesign of their site—Monday 6/28. Part of their redesign philosophy is that Web ads should be large and not relegated to the edges of … Continue reading

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Shorter attention spans mean longer formats?

Share TV is dead. We all know that. We’ve been hearing that for years, anyway, so it must be true. As everything goes “digi”, we hear a lot of conventional wisdom talk about attention spans and eye tracking and the … Continue reading

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Is the Super Bowl really about football? Time for the big ad showdown.

Share It’s Super Bowl Time. Yippee! OK. So I’m not a football fan. I don’t dislike it, but I’m usually busy parenting little girls on Sunday afternoon instead of sitting in front of the TV or heading down to the … Continue reading

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