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Study Predicts Effects of Hyperconnected Lives

Share I’m a visual learner. I like to know how things work so that, as is often the case, I have an outside chance of fixing them if they become unresponsive (read: broken). To me, research is a form of … Continue reading

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Retargeting: Victim or Value?

Share There’s no sense denying it. It’s time to stop running and hiding. They found me. I have been targeted. Actually, the correct phrase is RE-targeted. I am receiving online advertisements based on the places I go and the keywords … Continue reading

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Content Management, Analytics, Social Media, PPC, Video Marketing – The Ever-Expanding To-Do List of a CMO

Share During the last several years, CMOs have been under increasing pressure to do more with less.  Despite tight budgets and reduced head counts, demonstrating tangible (and sometimes even immediate) business results for the marketing investment has become imperative. At … Continue reading

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How Gender Difference Should Influence the Mix of Paid, Earned and Brand Media

Share Men and women are different. There, I’ve said it. And, they should be treated differently, especially when it comes to marketing. We’ve known for years that different messages resonate with different audiences based on a number of factors, including gender, age, … Continue reading

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When Facebook Goes Public. The demise of all other media.

Share Wall Street rumors say that Facebook may go public next spring. Hedge funds are currently stalking every Facebook employee and stockholder trying to grab pre-public offered shares for their portfolio. The valuation they are putting on Facebook shares translates … Continue reading

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Research for the Sake of Research

Share Call me old-fashioned, but when an industry group throws a spread to promote its latest research findings, shouldn’t one expect those findings to be insightful and revealing? The Online Publisher’s Association (OPA) recently unveiled its “A Sense of Place: … Continue reading

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