Why Twitter? Dive In and Find Out for Yourself.

Twitter is a fantastic thing, and I could only begin to appreciate this once I became engaged with it. A year ago, I created my Twitter handle, @BrandonHolcomb1. Since then I’ve become a daily Twitter-er, albeit more so in perusing what others have to say and re-tweeting good content. Everyone uses Twitter differently, and that is my style, so I encourage you to dive in to find out how Twitter works best for you! As you get started, here are two pointers to help you get the most out of your Twitter experience.

DO NOT protect your tweets. – When setting up your account, you have the option to “Protect My Tweets.” Like myself, most Twitter rookies have experience with Facebook and automatically associate this setting to the common privacy practice of approving each friend request. These privacy settings are not the same. The definition of “Protect My Tweets” is, “If selected, only those you approve will receive your Tweets.” The whole purpose of Twitter is to be as viral as possible, so let your followers follow! You tweet, a follower re-tweets, many people that you do not know read your tweet, and it’s re-tweeted again. This process continues, and before you know it, your tweet has been exposed multiple times to an audience well beyond those who follow you, which creates among other things, more followers and more exposure of future tweets. If you’re not into being transparent with your personal life, surely you understand the value of brand exposure? Try tweeting to promote your work or place of business, as this leads to incredible exposure that can direct hundreds of people to your company’s website to find out how they can benefit from the services that you offer. This is one of the defining advantages of Twitter and the best way to get your thoughts, opinions, and promotions out to others you previously could never have imagined reaching.

Be transparent; you’ve got nothing to hide. – I was initially concerned about voicing my thoughts and opinions to a wide spectrum of people that included everyone from my boss to my best friend, and considered creating a “personal” Twitter handle for tweeting with friends and a separate “work” handle for engaging with coworkers and clients. Everyone is familiar with the idea of not wanting coworkers, parents, or ex-whatevers to see what you’re up to all the time, which makes sense for Facebook and its ability to create individual profiles and brand pages. However, with Twitter you want people to read your tweets, and if you only tweet about “work” topics, over time your followers will grow numb to your Twitter handle popping up in their stream. They’ll skip over your tweets due to your tweets being fairly predictable. As in life, the same holds true in Twitter-land:  to be interesting you’ve got to be multifaceted with different angles, opinions, and thoughts on a variety of topics. Let people know what you’re doing in your free time, when you’re working, what interests you now, what doesn’t interest you now, and what you like and don’t like. Be honest and transparent with your tweets, and you’ll naturally be more interesting to all followers!

Now get out there and create your Twitter handle… and follow me, @BrandonHolcomb1.

Brandon Holcomb
Account Executive


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