“Positively Outrageous Service” – The Key to Account Service

Positively Outrageous Service, what is that? Well, allow me to explain…

A few years ago, I read a book about how to generate success with clients. In this book, Positively Outrageous Service: How to Delight and Astound Your Customers and Win Them for Life, written by T. Scott Gross, Gross defines Positively Outrageous Service as having four components:

1)      It is random and unexpected
2)      Out of proportion to the circumstance
3)      Playful and personal to the customer, and
4)      Compelling, leading to positive word of mouth

The author of this book goes on to suggest that by using Positively Outrageous Service the client should always be able to count on courteous, fast, accurate, and complete service. However, random acts of outrageous service will impact all future encounters. The client will keep coming back for the standard of good service but will hope to be served outrageously once more. Furthermore, participating in Positively Outrageous Service presents major competitive advantages and helps establish what the client wants. When you listen to your clients, they will tell you how to make them say, “Wow!” And when you wow them in a personal way, it tells them that you are listening, and that in turn tells them that they are important to you.

Through my own professional experiences and a helpful reminder from reading this book, I realized that exceptional customer service is an absolute must. Whether you service your clients through sales, marketing, or some other line of business, always remember that your success will depend on a simple business standard, and that is exceptional customer service, but more importantly, Positively Outrageous Service!

-Brandon Holcomb
Account Executive


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  • Tkedzierski

    I read this book years ago and I still consider it a “must-read” for anyone serving clients on any level. 

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