Appvertising: Mobile advertising gets a facelift

Things are changing for the ad industry again. Imagine that! It’s no secret that “going mobile” has been a hot topic for some time now. Companies of all shapes and sizes have jumped on the bandwagon with the development of mobile sites, mobile-friendly ads, and even smartphone apps. And just when we thought we’d covered all the mobile bases — in comes appvertising.

Appvertising is a term used to describe ads that go beyond typical mobile-friendly banner ads in an effort to become more engaging and interactive — like an app.

These ads actually appear as banners within existing apps on devices like iPads or iPhones. Once the ad is clicked, the consumer controls the interaction and chooses what to do next. And that’s the key to a successful appvertisement — the user has control.

iAd, Apple’s appvertising network, which reaches iPhone, iPad, and iTouch users across the globe within their favorite apps, seems to be the route most early adopters of appvertising have taken. With capabilities like downloading an app or buying iTunes content right from the iAd, that’s really no surprise. The first iAd for iPad promoted Disney’s Tron Legacy movie and was a great success. Users could explore the characters, view behind-the-scenes footage, or hear a band talk about composing the soundtrack. They could also look up local show times for the film, all without leaving the ad. BMW received huge praise with their recent iAd that allowed users to custom-design their own BMW X3.

So is appvertising the way of the mobile future? It may still be a bit early to tell, but with the appvertising audience downloading 200 new apps every second worldwide, and brands such as Campbell’s, JCPenney, and Dove jumping on board, it’s absolutely a tech trend you may soon develop an appetite for.

– Beth Madigan, Account Executive


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